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XiuShenGuo Body Slimming Capsule
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XiuShenGuo Body Slimming Capsule


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XiuShenGuo Body Slimming Capsule is a kind of all herbal and natural plants which can make the users to reduce 10-20 pounds in a month! The Super Slimming Capsule ingredients are originated from China. The main function for the XiuShenGuo Body Slimming Capsule is to speed up the fat burning rate for more than 3 times and it is also suitable for thoes who get overweight through overeating and lacking of exercises. The Super Slimming Capsule is produced by the same factory as the Green Lean Body Capsules.

[Main raw material] Yuli Ren, konjac, Gallus gallus, Polygonum multiflorum, ginseng, Ganoderma, Spirulina, peptides apple cider vinegar

[The effectiveness of the composition and content] per 100g contains saponins 0.081g, 0.07g of crude polysaccharide

[Main Functions for the Super Slimming Capsule]
1. XiuShenGuo Body Slimming Capsule would speed up the fat burning rate for more than 3 times.
2. You can reach a better weight loss effect in 5-10 days after taking the Super Slimming Capsule.
3. The waistline will be reduced for 2-4 cm in a month and it will also keep reducing the big arms and thighs.
4. XiuShenGuo Body Slimming Capsule can make the users reduce 10-20 pounds in a month without any side effects.

[Suitable crowd] This product is for simple obesity, it is more suitable for stubborn obesity and lose weight repeatedly ineffective.

[Taking method] once a day, each one (taken before or after breakfast)

[Shelf Life] 24 months

[Specifications] 0.3gX30 capsules (particularly complimentary fruit-dimensional C1000mgX30 capsules)

[Storage] shade, a cool, dry place

[Notes] children, pregnant women, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease Jifu.

[Approved] Wei Jian fresh word (2002) No.0408

[Health Permit] GD.FDA health card characters (2008) No.0111S0361

[Executive standard] Q / (GZ) MF1-2006

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 December, 2010.

  • Javier MW

    I've been overweight for a long time, but didn't really do much about it until the last couple of years. As a man, I'm probably not as worried about my looks as women are, and I'm not as disciplined about exercise as I should be but i still would like to look good. I decided to try the Xiushenguo diet pills and so far the results have been good. I'm able to eat less without being hungry (though I'm probably still eating the wrong stuff) and I have been starting to look and feel thinner without any side effects that I can see. Hopefully I'll continue losing weight with it.
  • Dean S.

    I can just say its awesome! Just follow the instructions & you won't believe your eyes. The result will be continues. I tried some other similar products. But this one deserves the best. Highly recommended for fat burning!I'm taking XiuShenGuo Body Slimming Capsule for about 3 weeks and I've lost over 10 pounds but I also was jogging with my dogs every night. I will definitely order these pills again.
  • N. Harris

    I have been using it for about 5 weeks now and have seen a noticable difference. It seems to work better than the other colon cleanse products that I have tried. I like that it is made in the usa also.
  • Lisa Schultz

    "This Xiushenguo body slimming capsule is very economical because you do not have to use it every day for the rest of your life. Instead, I used it for a week and then I take about 3 weeks off, and then keep alternating. I found that this routine works best for me because I get totaly cleansed out but I do not have to be using it every day."
  • Mommykay

    I have tried numerous diet pills over the years and Xiushenguo capsule surpasses them all. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight, feel energized, and feel good.This product works. I believe the effects are fairly subtle at times, but I do feel a decrease in appetite and I have recommended it to my friends. I will be purchasing more.

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